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The Benefits of Electric Cars.

Many people think that electric cars were only invented in our time. The electric car was invented to give an alternative to vehicles that run on gasoline which was expensive at that time but when the price of gasoline became affordable to the average person, then it lost its popularity until today. Today, with the low cost of electricity compared to gasoline, companies that have adopted electric cars are now reaping benefits.

The thing, though is that buying an electric car is more expensive than buying a car that runs on gasoline. With an electric car, you spends hundreds of dollars per kilowatt hour for your battery pack. Because of the battery pack that comes with it, the cost of electric cars are high. Despite this, cost of electricity is still much lower than cost of gasoline. With electric cars maintenance is almost negligible.

IF the battery pack is fully charged, then the electric car can go 100 miles which is ideal for a commuter car. Most people drive an average of 30 to 40 miles each day so electric cars are perfect for them If your family has two cars, then you can have one for commuting locally and one for longer distances.

If you have a 110 volt outlet or a charging device hard wired on 220, then you can easily charge your battery pack. If you drive 40 miles in a single day then you consume 40% of your battery pack. If you charge your battery overnight, then you can bring back the battery pack charge to 100%.

The warranty of lithium battery packs is 8 to 10 years. They can actually last longer than 10 years with a majority of their useful life remaining Today, manufacturers are using lithium-iron phosphate battery packs. These are more robust, safer and have an expected longer life than lithium-ion.

If you are looking to buy an electric car, then you can find many dealers of electric cars in the country. They sell electric cars, electric trucks and electric bikes and they serve the consumer and commercial markets. The normal operating cost of electric vehicles is 2 cents per mile and this can all be charged on standard 110 volt home outlet. Low rate financing is offered by some electric car dealers on lease programs custom designed for your needs.

As long as gasoline remains high is cost, the electric car will be here to stay. You benefit from easy charging and very low maintenance needed. If you want to buy an electric car, then you simply need to visit an electric car dealer near you.

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